Mythical Entertainment: Apawcalpyse Spring Collection

The strategy was simple; build on-trend merchandise and market it beyond the show. It started with taking the provided art for Mythical’s “Apawcalpyse” collection and determining how the graphics placement and blank selection could turn into a sell out collection. Once the products were finalized, we then produced content for the Mythical marketing team for the project launch. We shot a cast of models in locations throughout DTLA with art direction influence from Mythical’s head of creative, as well as provided in house product photography. Additionally, custom influencer boxes were sourced, designed, and delivered to past guests of the show such as Post Malone, Ninja, and Jack Black.


PKWY: MLB Season Launch

Dwayne Wade's new sock company, PKWY did a rolling launch of their sock line throughout 2018. The first products to be released were licensed socks with the MLB and were sold in stadium shops and retailers across the country. In preparation for the launch, deliverables for key markets had to be created in the form of relevant photography and design for web and social. The process involved ideation, coordination with contractors, and collaboration of design within PKWY to produce content that was on brand and suited for the targeted markets. 

Image Credit: Makayla Symmonds

Image Credit: Makayla Symmonds

Red Bull 30 Days in LA: Campus Lens

Red Bull 30 Days in LA is a thirty day long concert series the entire month of November with new show every night at a different venue. Campus Lens was an activation, hosted by Red Bull in partnership with Noisey,Vice's music channel, where 12 student photographers from UCLA and LMU received the opportunity of a lifetime to shoot their favorite artists up close and personal. The activation took place over three weeks as the students first received tips and tricks from Vice's staff photographers before they went to their designated show. After each student shot their show they then presented their work to Noisey's West Coast editor who then gave each participant invaluable and personalized feedback. Campus Lens was unique as it engaged 12 influential students with two very popular brands in a very exciting and intimate way. It won over each and everyone of them, all on a very minimal budget. 


The Broad Museum: #infiniteLA

The Broad, a museum that hosts billionaire Eli Broad's private art collection hosted the most anticipated art shows of the year, Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors. The Broad while not struggling to attract a younger Millennial and Gen Z audience, have found themselves in an unusual predicament as they became branded as an "Instagram" Museum. While the building and art are very photogenic, they have found themselves highly criticized by critics for trying to be more trendy than academic. Their upcoming show Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors was going to be wildly popular however it had the highest probability of being viewed as an instagrammable show due to its content. The Broad wanted to steer into the skid and embrace the social media culture that surrounded both Kusama's work as well as the museum itself. The campaign #infiniteLA brought the conversation away from selfies and back to the work and its greater themes. Teaming up with Flaunt Magazine,  ten different influencers from LA were chosen to lead the campaign week by week prompting The Broad's entire social media following to answer questions for a chance to win tickets to the hottest show in LA. Not only did this shift the conversation about the work, but it also upheld The Broad's reputation for being innovative and fresh.